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Mary Ann Faillace, Lay Director 

April 7, 2015  


We recently held the spring Women’s Cursillo weekend at the Days Inn, as the Convent has not yet been completed.  

Amazing that even at a hotel, it was a holy and peaceful environment, thanks to the efforts of our liturgist Marie Palombo and all the team members who worked so hard to make it so.  However, this was a temporary measure and it has always been our desire to have a more aesthetic location for our weekends.  

Due to all that is entailed to facilitate the Convent Retreat project in addition to performing the functions of the Metuchen Cursillo Movement, the Secretariat has decided to divide these responsibilities into two separate entities.  

In the Lay Director’s report from the October 16, 2014 meeting, Dr. Tangorra reported that the “Metuchen Cursillo Movement and Convent will act as 2 separate entities, with 2 separate bank accounts.  The Metuchen Cursillo Movement with Secretariat Members; (and) the Convent with a Board of Directors to manage the Convent.”  

According to a recent email from Dr. Tangorra, this project will be known as the Retreat Center at Saint Mary.  

Dr. Tony Tangorra is in the process of establishing the Board of Trustees and all that it entails.  All correspondence pertaining to the CONVENT from this point forward will be sent to you directly from Dr. Tony.  

All future fundraising events will be identified as either for the Metuchen Cursillo Movement or the Convent.  We believe this is an important distinction and your generous donations will be earmarked accordingly.   

We join with others in prayer for the success of this endeavor; it is our goal to hold future Cursillo weekends at the convent, once it is operational.   

We appreciate your continued support of the Metuchen Cursillo Movement, whose singular goal is based on our campaign to “Make a friend, be a friend, bring that friend to Christ” and allow us to produce fruitful Cursillo weekend encounters with Christ.  Our fundraising efforts are aimed at providing scholarships plus the expenses we incur during the course of the weekend, including supplies, meals, etc.  We also support the regional and national Cursillo organizations.  We benefit greatly from their guidance and support.  

Due to the timeframe in which retreats are typically reserved, we are in the process of securing a venue to host the fall weekends.  Please note the tentative dates for the Men’s Weekend is October 1st – 4th and Women’s is October 15th – 18th.  If you wish to participate in any way, please contact me and/or attend the School of Leaders meetings.


Moving forward in 2015, we have begun to implement the plan to strengthen School of Leaders.  

All Cursillistas are invited to choose a committee of interest to them from the areas of 

Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, and Post-Cursillo, in a variety of ways from Prayer to Service.  If you’ve been feeling a desire to do more to lead others to Christ, let us know how God is calling YOU to share your strengths and talents to further His Kingdom and message of love and salvation in your environments.  Please join us at the School of Leaders meetings which are held on the fourth Thursday of the month.   



We have begun a campaign to update the Membership Directory.  Please take a few moments to give us your current info (address, phone numbers, parish, etc). 

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