Advent Message
by Lucille Hess
(Lucille served as Lay Director
of the Metuchen Cursillo Movement from Jan 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2019)

As we lean towards the Advent season, we pause to give thanks for the bounty our good God has given us. In our litany is our gratitude for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through His servant, Eduardo Bonnin. Through these inspirations, we have the Cursillo apostolate. This methodology enhances our personal spiritual growth and helps us to become stronger as God’s disciples. We work with Him to bring every one of His children to the knowledge of His great Love for each one of us.

By attending Ultreyas, meeting in our small groups, and participating in School of Leaders, we journey through our Fourth Day offering our friendship to those God places in our path and in our environments. We hear the words of the “De Colores” song: “Joyfully, joyfully we will bring to our Savior a harvest of souls. Pouring outward the light from within, the grace of our
God, His Infinite Light!”

We realize our world is in much need for God’s Mercy and Love in our families and in our work environments and everywhere we turn our heads and look. Our active involvement with the Cursillo Movement refreshes our souls and helps this light within to shine onto others. We remember when we first experienced the exquisite Love of God in our lives and we desire to share this knowledge with others. We do not walk alone. We are reminded that with God we are
an overwhelming majority! He needs our arms and legs and hands and feet to be His Body here on earth. An active involvement with the methodology of the Cursillo helps us bring souls to His Infinite Light.

As we continue our journey towards Advent, let us not grow weary. Let us revitalize our walk with fellow Cursillistas we meet in Ultreya, School of Leaders and as we gather for our small group reunions. All for God’s Glory! De Colores!