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November, 2015  


The theme of the recent Cursillo Weekends was "Behold, the Lamb of God!"  Rector Bob Krysiak and Rectora Lucille Hess share their reflections on the Men's and Women's Weekends:


Behold, the Lamb of God!
Menís Weekend #24

The Metuchen Cursillo Menís Weekend #24 was held on October 1st through the 4th, 2015. The planning for this weekend started in May of this year.  That seems like such a long time ago.  Slowly, our team came together.  Greg, Glenn, Luis and Ken answered the call.  We even had help from the Trenton Diocese.  Mike and Rick joined the team and together we all planned our weekend.  All we needed was candidates!   

Thursday finally came.  Our weekend was finally here and about to start.  Bring on our candidates!  Three candidates answered the call to Cursillo but, due to an unforeseen circumstance, one had to drop out.  We were left with two candidates.  Alright, we said to ourselves.  It was still a weekend.  With the Lordís help we were going to give them the best Cursillo weekend they deserved.  We all shook hands when we met.  Let the weekend begin!  

Our prayer team was in place.  Every Rollo was covered by prayers to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.  The prayers helped to ensure that the candidates heard the message of Cursillo and how they can apply it to their lives.  Thank you to all Prayer Team members!  Your devotion to Cursillo made an impact.  Our Rollo team also did a wonderful job with presenting each Rollo to our candidates.  It definitely made an impact on each of the candidates.  This was true because as the weekend progressed, we were impressed to see that the candidates were getting the message.  The light of Cursillo was beginning to shine within them.   

Speaking about light, when our weekend started, the sanctuary candle was lit after the Sponsorís Mass.   But the light from the candle was not burning so bright.  The flame was very, very small.  We were afraid that it was about to go out.  A call was placed for a replacement candle.  But as we began to go through the day on Friday, a strange thing happened.  The flame of the candle began to grow brighter and brighter.  By the time Sunday rolled around, the flame was as bright as ever!  This was a sign of great comfort to us. Our Lord was definitely with us.  He was not about to let the Light go out on us.  Thank you Lord!  

As I said above, we started out the weekend by shaking hands upon our arrival.  But when it was time to depart, we hugged as brothers in Christ.  The fellowship and camaraderie we all experienced over the weekend was special.  It brought us all not only closer to each other as brothers in Christ but, also closer to Christ who is our Light.  Praise be Jesus Christ!  Now and forever!  

Our Service team worked very hard to keep us well fed.  Thank you Ken for all your hard work.  And to all our team members, thank you for your help and support.  Without you, this weekend would not have happened.  I also want to give a big shout out to our two team members from the Trenton Diocese who stepped up to help out.  Thank you Mike, for being our Warden.  Thank you Rick, for you insight and support throughout the weekend.  It is much appreciated!  

To our clergy who participated on the weekend, we especially wish to express our gratitude.  Your spiritual guidance helped to keep all of us on track and focused on Christ.   

We wish to welcome our newest Cursillistas, Carl and Robbie.  Live your Fourth Day every day!  May God continue to bless and reward the efforts of the Menís Cursillo #24 Team!  And may God continue to direct and bless the Metuchen Cursillo Movement!  

De Colores!

Robert Krysiak
Rector of the Metuchen Cursillo Menís Weekend #24

(To view photos of the Men's Weekend, Click Here)

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Behold, the Lamb of God!
Womenís Weekend #25

All glory to our Merciful and Loving God! The Metuchen Cursillo #25 Womenís Weekend successfully concluded on Sunday, October 25, 2015.  The Encounter brought together five women candidates from four different parishes (and two different dioceses!), a full and part-time team of 27 women, three priests, plus two permanent deacons!  It is said many hands make for light work, and this was certainly true for our encounter weekend held at the Days Inn in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  

A dedicated Service Team met the needs of feeding our bodies with needed nourishment and treats.  Along with them, a loyal Prayer Team constantly kept vigil before Our Lord in the tabernacle throughout the weekend and all day long before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on Saturday. Rollistas, team members, and candidates alike benefit from these constant prayer warriors!  Our Rollo Team included several first time presenters.  The Fourth Day witness of Christís transforming love was heard throughout the weekend by all Rollistas.  

We are extremely grateful to our clergy and deacons who served us on the weekend. Metuchen Cursilloís Spiritual Director, Father Ron Jandernoa, Father John Primich, and Father James Carroll each inspired us with their meditations, stories, spiritual direction, and rollos. We are grateful for the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation that only their anointed hands can bring.  Our deacons, Deacon Pete DePrima and Deacon Phil Gonzalez, added much inspiration through their meditations and rollos.  

The Metuchen Cursillo Movement is prayerfully discerning the dates for our next Menís and Womenís Cursillo Encounter Weekends.  In the meantime, our Ultreyas are thriving and offering opportunities to come together to group, hear a witness speaker, and share our Piety, Study, and Action.  Small Group Reunions are continuing and being formed with the newest Cursillistas.  Our School of Leaders is meeting monthly, and our Christmas Party is just around the corner!  

May God bless each of our newest Cursillistas: Amy, Gladys, Leonor, Lillian, and Mercedes with continued graces as they live their Fourth Day!  May God greatly reward the efforts of the Womenís Cursillo #25 Team!  And may God continue to direct and Bless the Metuchen Cursillo Movement!

De Colores!

Lucille J. Hess
Rectora of the Metuchen Cursillo Womenís Weekend

(To view photos of the Women's Weekend, Click Here)