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Leader: Since the church views Saturday as Mary's day, the Sabatina Prayer (a Marian prayer) is an appropriate beginning for this day.


Is it possible to imagine a child not loving its mother?
Or a man not honoring the girl of his dreams?
Or a subject not giving homage to his queen?



That is the Virgin Mary! Are you weakening? Slipping? Crying? Well, here is your Mother! Do you want to save the world? You will not be able to do so without Mary!


Call upon her at all times. Love her with everything you've got. Call upon her for all your cares. Leave all in her hands. She is Mother! She is your Mother! She never fails!


Saturday, being her day, honor her with the Sabatina salute to the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Leader: We fly to your patronage, O holy Mother of God; despise not our prayers in our necessities; but, deliver us from all dangers, Oh! Ever glorious and Blessed Virgin!


All: Remember, Oh! Most gracious Virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone, who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to you, Oh! Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. Oh! Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.



Leader: Virgin and Immaculate Mother! Favorably look upon us. Mary! We your beloved children lack faith, humility, charity, piety, love for the Eucharist, love for our Church, love for our own dignity as true Catholics, spirit of sacrifice and a spirit of self-denial. Talk to your Son.

Through your powerful intercession our miraculous transformation and sanctification will take place. Grant us true piety, a burning love for Jesus, for our Church, or Pope
Benedict XVI, our Bishops John and Paul, our Parish church; grant that our communions be fervent; our visits to the Blessed Sacrament frequent; our practice of good deeds constant; make us true lovers of Jesus and you, our sublime and Immaculate Mother.


We ask this through your venerable and unique dignity of being the Mother of God.


All: Hail Mary...


Leader: Virgin and Immaculate Mother! We are, your children; but we are susceptible to the enticements of the flesh and know the weakness of our human nature. Grant us a chaste life and purity of intentions.


With your motherly love keep us apart from those places or gatherings that you would not honor with your holy presence.


Instill in us purity of intention and action, and grant that all that we do be the exemplary actions of a favored son or daughters of yours.


We ask this through your Immaculate Conception and your inviolable purity.


All: Hail Mary...


Leader: Virgin and Immaculate Mother! There are many people in our parishes who do not know Jesus and certainly do not know you. There is a need for true apostolic Christians who can speak to them about the truth, and who can help them to experience and live the true Christian life, the only life which makes us noble and gives us dignity.


We offer ourselves to you so that you will give us new hearts, totally fervent hearts, on fire to work for the salvation of so many ungrateful, indifferent and unbelieving Christians. Grant, Lady, that there be apostles in our Christian communities; that all leaders be unselfish workers, true apostles, so that they may bring many souls to Christ and save all people.


We ask this through the sufferings that you underwent for us, next to the cross of Jesus our Savior.


All: Hail Mary...



All: Our Lady and our Mother! I offer my whole self to you. And, as proof of my devoted love for you, I consecrate to you today my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my heart, in short, my whole being. Now that I am all yours, Oh! Gracious Mother, guard me and defend me as one of your dearest possessions. Amen.



Leader: Immaculate Virgin! Remembering with the greatest appreciation your kindness to us, we prostrate ourselves before your altar. We acclaim you as our Queen and our Lady, and we humbly beseech you to continue showering upon us your gifts and your bountiful blessings.


O Mother! Grant us strength and courage. We want to faithfully carry out our promises. We will live in God's Grace in order to be worthy of His many blessings.

We will do all that we can, so that all people will be able to come to know God's gift on Himself to all. We earnestly desire that Christ reign in our homes, at work, at play. That He be the center of our lives.


Grant, dear Lady,that all apostolic Catholics unite all their efforts under the guidance of the Church in order to change the world from barbarous to humane and from humane to divine. Overflowing with love we will work hard in order to win for Christ our brothers and sisters.

Gather together, O Lady, these ardent desires and promises. Rein over us, O Blessed Virgin. Be our Queen and our Lady. O, most lovable Mother, love us and bless us always.


All: Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. To you we cry poor banished children of Eve; to you we send up our sighs, moaning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, O most gracious advocate, your eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit or your womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.


Leader: Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.


All:    That we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.


Leader: Almighty and everlasting God, who by the help of the Holy Spirit, did prepare the body and soul of the ever Virgin and Mother Mary, so that she would be a worthy dwelling place for your son, grant we beseech you, that as we joyfully remember her, through her merciful intercession we may be protected and delivered from all evil and eternal death.


We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


All: Amen.


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