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What is Cursillo?

The purpose of Cursillo is to nourish Christian individuals with the knowledge of God's love and grace, and to help them discover their personal mission in the world so they may enjoy the fullness of Christian life.

The Cursillo Movement makes Christian Community possible in the neighborhoods, parishes, work situations, and other places where people live their lives. It provides the tools, mentality, strength, and support to live life in a Christ-Like manner. It teaches us how to approach evangelization as a natural act of being Christ-Like in our daily activities.

Cursillo can help develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully Catholic by being fully Christian.

History of Cursillo

Cursillo is a lay movement of the Catholic Church that began in the 1940's when a group of men in Mallorca, Spain dedicated themselves to bringing other young men of their city to know Christ better. 

The first Cursillo in the U.S. was held in Waco, Texas in 1957. The movement was organized nationally in 1965.

Today it is a worldwide movement recognized by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and is a member organization of the International Catholic Organizations of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome.  

Cursillo received direct support from both Saint Pope Paul VI and Saint Pope John Paul II, as well as from Pope Francis (as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio).

During the Weekend

Men's and women's Cursillo weekends begin on a Thursday evening and continue until Sunday evening. The weekend consists of a series of talks given by priests, religious or lay team members along with daily celebration of the Mass, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, meditations, and fellowship.

Then What?

The Cursillo weekend is a beginning. After encountering Jesus in a special way, the attendee returns home with the challenge to remain focused on Him.

Thus, the community spirit of Cursillo is continued with The Fourth Day ongoing group reunions where friends gather to support and encourage each other in their faith journey.

We Are Called

Cursillo provides an opportunity for individuals to grow in faith and spirituality through Christian community.

As individuals, we have the ability to influence our society. However, as a Christian community working together, our impact and our personal reward can be even greater.

Both individually and in Christian community we are called to be apostles for Christ.

  Apostles in our families

  Apostles in our Church

  Apostles in our world.


To learn more about Cursillo or about how you can experience a three-day Cursillo weekend, contact:

Lorri DeNoyelles
Pre-Cursillo Chairperson

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