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Menís Revitalization Meeting

Calling on the Men of Cursillo! Following is a message from Cursillista Bill Grippo and an invitation for ALL MEN in our Diocese... Further details below.

Message to Metuchen Diocese Men Cursillistas

From Bill Grippo

I am writing this message and invitation to the men in the Metuchen Diocese who have made the Cursillo Weekend and have benefited by that experience.  I am relatively new to the movement in Metuchen but have over 30 years experience in Cursillo in both Newark and Trenton Dioceses.  

I made my Cursillo in Newark many years ago with my dad, and it was a most wonderful and fulfilling experience in my own spiritual journey, one I am most grateful for.  The Cursillo provided me with a method to live the Christian life to the best of my ability and even in dark moments and very difficult times I was able to fall back onto Piety, Study and Action.   

As I became active in the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Trenton, I became part of the original group of the Movementís founders.  It was so exciting to see the Cursillo grow in the diocese. I remember being a Rector of a team with over 30 candidates and a team of at least 12 men.  When we sang "De Colores" you could hear it!!  

I see from my short time in the Metuchen Movement that there is a need to touch the men who have made the Cursillo in a spirit of Revitalization and Renewal to what we experienced on our Cursillo weekend.  

With the blessing of your secretariat, Lucille your Lay Director, and with the assistance and leadership of Carl Westover we are planning a special morning of Renewal on Saturday, November 4th, at Saint Bernards in Bridgewater.

All MEN who have made Cursillo, whether in Metuchen or any other diocese, are welcome to attend.  We are praying to rediscover the blessings of Cursillo and begin to cultivate the future of a Menís Team for Cursillo Weekends in the coming years.  

Most importantly we hope to join one another in the Spirit of Our Lord and be a leaven in our environment with the Christian message.  Our program begins with Mass at 9am on Saturday, November 4th and we will conclude on or before Noon!!  Please make time and commitment for this important day.  We have a small team from the Trenton Diocese also to share with us that morning.  

De Colores, 

Bill Grippo


Please attend this meeting to renew and revitalize the role of the men in the Metuchen Diocese, using the Cursillo Method in living the Christian life in our environments:

1. Using the Pre-Cursillo to help us sponsor candidates 
2. Working the Cursillo weekend and giving witness to the candidates
3. Living out our Fourth Day in the Post-Cursillo with Ultreyas and Small Group Reunions

This short session will help the men of Cursillo unite to make the movement grow stronger in Metuchen and also provide new team members for future men's Cursillo weekends.

DATE: Saturday November 4, 2017 
TIME: 9:30 to 12:00pm 
WHERE: St. Bernardís Church, Bridgewater (following the 9:00am Mass in the Chapel)

Coffee and light refreshments will be served prior to the meeting. If you have worked on team in the past and/or would like to be on the next Menís weekend or in the future, please come to this meeting. We will be joined by team members from the Trenton Diocese. We will have sharing about the impact of Cursillo in our lives, the value of sponsorship and the need for post Cursillo from members of the Trenton Team. Witness speaker will be Ernie Davino from the Newark Diocese.    

Also, we are looking for candidates for the weekend! Please consider sponsoring a candidate.

Please contact Bill Grippo or Carl Westover at if you plan to attend or want to help in any way.          *