Cursillo School of Leaders Meetings are held monthly


Date: **    First Thursday of the month (see schedule here)
Time:      7:00pm - 9:00pm
Place:      St. Bernard Church
Address:  500 US Hwy 22 East, Bridgewater, NJ 

The Metuchen Cursillo School of Leaders was formed to set the Culture and Spirituality of Cursillo in the Metuchen Diocese as we bring the movement to other churches across the Diocese.

What is the School of Leaders?  If we remember the last talk on the Saturday of our Cursillo weekend, we were told that we are already leaders.  Leaders who have been identified and invited by our sponsors to live a Cursillo weekend and then use the Cursillo method to live out our Fourth Day. 

It is a gathering of leaders, as well as a grouping of those who are sincerely concerned about the health and continuity of the Cursillo movement in the Diocese of Metuchen.

We are all leaders and at the School of Leaders, we get together in a group to learn more about the Cursillo movement, how it works, its place is in the Church, and especially its role is in our diocese.

The Cursillo School of Leaders (CSOL), like a school of fish, is designed to be spiritual and technical nourishment for those called to be leaders within the Cursillo movement and for those who wish to learn more about the movement (Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, Post-Cursillo) and to grow on their spiritual journey.

The mission of Cursillo aligns itself with the mission of the Church. We each are called to evangelize our spread the Good News.

CSOL is an excellent opportunity to grow as Church leaders, to refine our skills as apostles, and to learn how to effectively live out the purpose, strategy, and method of the Cursillo Movement within the Church. The effectiveness, vibrancy, and success of our movement depend on committed, enthusiastic, spiritually formed and knowledgeable leaders.  You are strongly encouraged to come!  The only way you will know if it is for you is to experience what is being come share your gifts.

Be challenged to "come and see" for yourself.  Please come and join us each month as we explore our movement as it relates to the Church.  Remember the statement from the Laity Talk: "I am the Church... You are the Church...We are the Church."

The Cursillo Movement was and is designed to carry out the mission of the Church... to bring Jesus Christ to the world.  Come, Taste and See!!!  

Each session of CSOL "features" a different Spiritual Topic.  It is hoped that people from the Metuchen Cursillo Parishes will come en masse for their special welcome, to witness firsthand the warmth, welcoming nature, spiritual encouragement, and servant-orientation of the School of Leaders, and so become part of its mission. 

Purpose of The School of Leaders

A business, organization, or in this case, the Cursillo movement, is only as good as its leaders. As the Leaders Manual states, "The School of Leaders, like a school of fish, is the gathering together of leaders (or fish). The School is designed to accentuate the Cursillo Movement..."  

You don't have to be a leader to attend!  Leadership is a trait that you can learn and the School of Leaders is one place where you can learn Cursillo leadership!

Also from the Leaders Manual, the School of Leaders has the following 9 purposes:

  1. Study and prioritize the various environments within the diocese;

  2. Determine the influential (key) people within those environments;

  3. Assist other cursillistas in determining key people within their own environments;

  4. Prepare those Cursillo leaders that will have the responsibility of leading the candidates through their three-day experience;

  5. Channel the restlessness of all those who have made Cursillo into a progressive state of conversion;

  6. Establish, help to sustain, test and encourage all the Group Reunions;

  7. Establish teams to prepare for and perfect the Ultreyas;

  8. Introduce people from the Precursillo into the Postcursillo by means of the Three Days, and;

  9. Insure the authenticity and integrity of the Cursillo Movement is maintained throughout all three phases (Precursillo, 3-Days weekend, and Postcursillo).

Format is as follows

  • Opening Prayer and Leaders’ Group Reunion  

  • Doctrinal Presentation and Discussion (provides spiritual inspiration from a priest, deacon, or religious)

  • Technique Presentation and Discussion (teaches the Cursillo method)

  • Work by the Sections:
    Post Cursillo

  • Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Please come and join your fellow Cursillistas as we strive to reach out for Christ!

From The Leaders Card  

Opening Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit

Leader’s Holiness
a. What spiritual aids helped me grow as a Cursillo leader this week?
b. As a Cursillo leader, what was my moment most aware of Christ?

Leader’s Formation
a. What official Cursillo literature am I studying?
b. Doctrine? Cursillo technique? Other?

Leader’s Evangelization (Apostolic successes & failures)

A. In Precursillo

1. What environment am I studying?
2. Have I identified key people in these environments?
3. How am I preparing them for Cursillo?
4. What have I done to bring others to a better understanding of Precursillo?

B. On The Cursillo Weekend

1. How am I living the Cursillo talks?
2. What am I doing to improve myself?
3. Am I able to give witness?
a. to being in a friendship group?
b. in transforming my environment?
c. of my group transforming environments?

C. In Postcursillo - What have I done:
1. in personal contact with others?
2. to form and sustain groups?
3. to prepare for and energize the Ultreyas?

D. In Leaders’ School - How was I faithful:
1. to my obligations as a leader?
2. to my assignments?
3. in offering palanca and getting others to do so?


What plans do I have next week for:
a. Precursillo?
b. Cursillo?
c. Postcursillo?
d. School of Leaders?

Closing Prayer of Thanksgiving