Attention all Cursillistas...
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Metuchen Cursillo Movement
welcomes you!

We invite you to consider
joining us on a
Cursillo Weekend.

We also host many events
for Cursillistas and friends.


Following is a list of
Special Events: 


Prayer and Fellowship June 29

National Encounter (Scranton PA)

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Annual Encounter With Christ

Christmas Party

Installation Ceremony

Women’s Weekend

Men's Weekend

School of Leaders... 

The School of Leaders meetings are held once a month on the 1st Thursday of the month. We are ALL Leaders and all Cursillistas are encouraged to attend.  There are several committees that could benefit from your gifts and talents.  For more information, click here

Men and Women's Weekends...

For information on the upcoming weekends, click here.
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The Ultreyas are held once a month at various locations throughout the diocese. To find an Ultreya near you, click here.